quinta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2007

The counter-attack

Ao longo da História, o ser humano só tem provocado guerras e mais guerras, e exterminado raças de animais, assim como destruindo o planeta em si. Sejamos realistas, nós somos uma praga para este planeta, e nós sabêmo-lo, aliás, o próprio planeta também o sabe.

Quanto a vocês não sei, mas eu interpreto estas recentes catástrofes como sendo um mecanismo de defesa do planeta. Embora sejam consequências dos nossos actos, gosto de pensar que o planeta tenta se defender. É como se fossemos um parasita que o planeta tenta expulsar, e com razão. Nós não temos consciência disso, mas, como eu já disse acima, nós não só fazemos mal a nós próprios, como aos outros seres vivo e ao planeta. Se formos bem a ver, acho que até nem era mau nós desaparecermos. Eu não culpava ninguém excepto nós mesmos por sermos fracos, egoístas, gananciosos e acima de tudo arrogantes, no sentido em que tivemos tudo para vivermos felizes (simplicidade e pureza, matérias-primas e água, etc), e agora não temos nada; mais ou menos como os portugueses e o ouro do Brasil.

Sim, definitivamente o Universo ficava melhor sem nós. Tínhamos o paraíso nas mãos, e corrompêmo-lo com a nossa ganância e devastação. Agora só encontramos o mesmo paraíso na relegião, pff... Conclusão: não somos dignos de existir. Que venha o Apocalipse de 2056, recebo-o de braços abertos.

terça-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2007


The red light invaded the dark room. There was no sun, yet that forsaken light kept on imprisionating the sky, turning its colour into red. The blowing wind came from outside through the window, and had brought with it small sand grains, landing them on our bed. They came from the arid wasteland that surrond us, and beeing, too, a part of that pityfull world, I didn't bother. Petra had her arms around me, and her head leaned on my shoulder. She was already asleep. The sound of her breathing, marked a rhythm that I too wanted to follow, but my eyes, my red eyes, were lost in the ceiling, and my mind on other mathers.

Conformed with my fate, my thoughts only turned to my brother. I knew the why, allright, but the "how part" is still a mystery to me. He is my own brother, how could have he done this to me? Though he didn't took my life, he condemned me to the exile. Any person that doesn't know my brother would tell that he had been mercyfull, but the thruth is that he doesn't want to be alone, all by himself in the Universe, without his older brother. If it wasn't for that, he had killed me right there, without hesitation, if he tought that would bring peace to the Universe.

Of course, I won't be here for long. I am gratefull I have Petra with me, but I am here for too damn long. The centuries pass by me, and I lost track of them. At start, I resinged to stay here, because the pain that I had suffer out there was imense. Meet people, see them die before my agelessness; grow up in a place, just to see it be destroyed by wars and greed... The time is an unstoppable flow, even for me. I've seen things my brother doesn't even imagine, and saw the thruth. The humankind has to disapear.

I tried once, and that was what lead to me beeing here. My brother got himself a hand of followers and with his help, they were able to defeat me. It was frustrating. They wouldn't have even the slightest chance of winning if it weren't for my brother. But not now. I won't be caught unprepared again. They will see what means to be a Creator. That humankind is the worst creation I had ever made.

They slaughter each other, disrespecting the other species, and themselves, just for power. Their greed contaminates the land and their ambition is almost divine. The arrongance of their words are only comparable to the corruption of their actions. They marche blindly to autodestruction, and the worst, they take the entire planet and the inocents with them.

They are the real menace to the Universe, not me. I don't care my brother is with them. They don't deserve to be. They must be stopped before they take more lives than they can pay for. Once I step out of here, that will be my first action. They are my creation, and so now it's my responsability to exterminate them.

The count down to your apocalipse has started...

quinta-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2007


Tive que fazer um discurso para a disciplina de Língua e Cultura Inglesas, que, para minha surpresa, até colheu uma boa quantidade de palmas. De modo que achei que seria bom pôr isto por aqui. Ah! E eu pontuei o texto de acordo com as pausas que fiz ao ler, por isso não comecem já a pensar que não sei escrever.

Massacres happen. Psycopahts are born. Usually, the blame to all this is put over the vieogame and film industry. I say, that this cliché of the society, is an escape for the responsibles.

People are responsible for their actions. That is the thruth. If a person takes another person's life, it is because of it's own free will. Since there is people, there is good and bad, right and wrong, and, therefore, people who pratice both. There is a quotation of the movie "Scream", which supports my point of view, that I would like to share with you: "Movies don't make psycopaths. Movies make psycopaths more creative". There have been killers since the beggining of Man's History, and you know what? They didn't played videogames, nor saw any kind of movie. This proofs that psycopaths are born as they are - psycopaths.

The audiovisual enterteinment has a age rating system. But sellers don't seem to follow such rules. Should the team responsible for the product be considered guilty for the greed of the salesmen, who just want to sell? Should they be considered guilty, for the parents who buy a Mature game to a child of only 7 years old? I don't think so.

Sellers are responsible for what they sell. Buyers are responsible for what they buy. This is how it should be, but instead, the guilty ones throw their responsability over the producters and editors of this kind of enterteinment. This is absurd! How come the creators are responsible for the use people do to their creations? Nonsense! Pure Nonsense, I tell you.

We live in an insecure world. There's not total democracy. And, most certainly there's not total freedom. Supposedly, there's responsability and people who should be responsible for their actions. But no. They behave like children, who play with the system just to run from the consequences. Such a foolish world, where we live in. Full of foolishness indeed...