quarta-feira, 9 de abril de 2008


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the truest of them all?

I look at my reflection, but what do I see? A reflection of the society, reflected by me. The deeper I see, the deeper the abyss. I sink in it, and realize that in Life I’m still a novice. In a grey street in the middle of a grey day, I shock with a person and I look at his face. Should it be different? Or be how it is? Never seen the difference, though, always sleeping out of my dreams.

[Read rapidly, almost without stops]

Over the appearance, I try to see deeper inside. We are all different, no matter how much. I stare, I stare, and the empty expression stares me back. Just like seeing me in the mirror. What! What am I looking for? Why! Why am I looking for it? I try harder, deeper… I focus my eyes on little things, different things. I tremble everywhere in the panic that I won’t find anything, and my eyes dance in the eyeballs looking in every single direction looking for something they don’t find… [Stop]

The person gets up and walks away. Do I have to seek deeper? Or do I just ignore this, move on with my “life”, never turning back, just to see the end of the day? The city moves around with the stress, I look around me just to find clones of myself. Rules… There are rules, I’m sure. What were they? I forgot, despite applying them every single day. On the top of a big building, a black screen holds a secret. I stare some more, trying to discover it. The Sun grows bigger and rises up in the sky; it was covered by the building, it is now more free, but still entangled by the pseudo-night.

Mirror, mirror, I see you everywhere. I wish I could not see you…

I turn around and start walking again. My Destiny? Dunno. Tomorrow? Who knows? I’ve made my decision and step by step, each one faster than the other, I make my way, under a clouded sky and in a city covered in grey. Between the masses, I march firmly against the stream. It all gets through me, forcing the mirrors explode in contact, and carving sharp glass pieces on my skin. But I continue despite all the pain. I continue because I have to know the truth to clear up my mind.

Mirror, mirror on the wall… Why do you exist?

The scars are visible even today. My path gets unclearer every single day. I did what I must, scared in the moment. Do I regret? Maybe tomorrow.